Are you ready for a visual facelift in your home?

We’ve all spent so much time in our homes for the past 10 months, which has certainly led to a home renovation trend that’s lasted throughout the year. After all, if travel is out of the question, you may as well renovate the space where you live and spend most of your time.

People want a comfortable, usable, approachable, and functional space. So, from furniture to fabrics to colors, Basset Furniture is here to guide you on the color trends for 2021.

The top trending colors for 2021 mirror the emotions and desires of our time: comfort, peace, hope, mindfulness, and optimism. From deep, rich tones to all-out neutrals and pops of color, it’s easy to start out your year with a new look.

First, Add a Touch of Bright and Cheerful

When you’re in the planning stages of home redecorating, it’s best to first decide your featured color of choice. Then build the remainder of your space to coordinate. This year, you have three choices for a pop of color in your home: yellow, turquoise, and magenta.

Hello, yellow! Pantone’s top trending pick for 2021 is Illuminating, which provides the sunshine in your day. The bright yellow hue is meant to evoke both hope and optimism after the tumultuous year of 2020. Saffron and golden hues are also jumping into the mix. Paint, wallpaper, and throw blankets are all great ways to incorporate a little sunshine into your space.

Next up is a vibrant turquoise, reminiscent of the jewels of the sea, coral, sea glass, and the stone itself. This gem of a color helps incorporate a bit of the outdoors in a brilliant, exciting way. Consumers this year will be adding turquoise with area rugs, linens, and décor to name a few. 

The third top trending lively color of 2021 is magenta or a fuchsia or raspberry tone—all bearing both warm and cool properties. Try incorporating this color through pillows, floral patterns, and fresh blooms. 

The great news is that all three of these energetic color trends for 2021 can play off of each other throughout your home. You may want to choose one of these tones to be the dominant color in a space and accent it with just a hint of what might be coming in the next room.

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